Savanah St. Clair

  • Job Title: Research Mentor/Professor/Agriculture Sciences
  • Company: Knockout Genetics, LLC
  • Specialization: Plant Science, Chemistry, Engineering, Extraction, Genetics, Research, Regulation/Compliance, Marketing, etc
  • Location: Los Angeles
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Savanah St. Clair is a third generation Cannabis grower.  She has both industry and academic experience in Research and Development.  Recently her research focus has been on the biomedical aspects of plant and soil science.  On the cannabis industry side, she has been focusing on the benefits and challenges of micro propagation on high-potency Southern-California strains including OG Kush and Cookies.  Recently, Knockout Genetics, LLC has partnered with CRTFD to create CRTFD Plant Science
Savanah St. Clair has published several Cannabis research abstracts with her partner Norman Senn, including a Contributed Paper in In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology.  She is trained in Quality Improvement and Next Generation DNA Sequencing Analysis, and holds a Masters degree in Agriculture from Cal Poly Pomona.