Marco Jimenez

A 9 year veteran of the Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and San Diego commercial advertising and brand development industry. Marco ventured into and fell in love with the cannabis industry in late 2011 at a small medical farm in Lake County, CA and quickly moved up the management chain of command.

During his stint working and living in Los Angeles Marco jumped into the television/film industry head first. Working alongside some of the greatest and most talented advertisers in the world. Quickly finding his stronghold on the production management side at first, and then evolving into the creative leadership role of executive producing.

Marco is considered to be a conscientious and very well connected leader in the marketing industry. Specializing in video brand marketing the transition into the Marketing Director role here at GreenBroz was a smooth one. Always conscious of the “big picture” perception of our Brand, Marco has successfully adapted and modified his talents into this burgeoning cannabis industry.