Joe Wynne

  • Job Title: Vice President of Sales
  • Company: Sisu Extraction, LLC
  • Specialization: Extractions, concentrate manufacturing, supply chain in the cannabis industry, sourcing, pre-extraction, testing, vetting new clients for Cat 1 & 2 pesticides, residual solvents, and microbials
  • Location: Humboldt County/California/United States
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Wynne works with the team of experts at Sisu to bring consistency and stability to California’s best cannabis brands, while taking care of the farmers that built this industry. As the VP of Sales with Sisu Extracts, Wynne curated the Company’s aggressive pricing model that’s designed to keep struggling farmers afloat. Since 2018, Sisu Extracts has given $5.9 Million back to California farmers in exchange for biomass with Wynne’s 70/30 split model. With this model, Sisu provides 70% of profits made from distillate sold to the farmers. Since June 2018, Wynne helped Sisu gain $18 Million in revenue, with $35 Million projected revenue in 2019.

Mr. Wynne has five years of cumulative experience in the cannabis industry, during which he has founded multiple companies. He has four years of concentrate manufacturing experience under California Collective laws, which at peak production had 15 employees and serviced 50 Medical Collectives with bulk retail packed shatter, crumble, and distillate. Wynne’s supply chain experience included sourcing, pre-extraction, testing through analytical labs, and vetting new clients for Cat 1 & 2 pesticides, residual solvents, and microbials. Joe consistently sourced 5,000lbs+ of biomass monthly for his previous manufacturing business.