James Schwartz

James Schwartz CCRN, BSN, LNC, is an experienced medical legal consultant and CEO of CascadeHigh with twenty years experience cultivating cannabis. James is a self-described organic minimalist cultivating in the most sustainable manner. James believes in the clean Cannabis and its use as a wellness drug. His Oregon licensed cultivation, Cascade High, has been featured in Dope Magazine and on the cover of Oregon Leaf’s Sustainability issue (March ‘18). James is currently on the NCIA Cannabis Cultivation Committee and has presented Cannabis topics to multiple audiences at conferences including Cannabis Science Conference, PDX Hempfest, Cannabiz Convention, and educational industry mixers. His business, legal, medical, and agricultural knowledge provides a unique perspective on the industry. James has lobbied for Cannabis on both the national and state level with Oregon Cannabis Association and is a fierce advocate for the plant and all who use it.
  • June 2016- Dope Magazine Farm Feature (highlighting medical knowledge)
  • July 2016 – Dope Magazine Oil Feature
  • The End Of Cannabis Small Business: How the Pharmaceutical Industry is Preparing to Take Over Cannabis by James Schwartz
  • April 2017 – Toke Talks – Pharmaceutical Takeover of the Cannabis Industry
  • June 2017 – PDX Hempfest – Minimalist Organic Farming
  • August 2017 – Cannabis Science Conference- Organic Farming and the Endocannabinoid System
  • Cultivation Classic 2017 – Innovation award for Sustainability -Cascade High
  • March 2018 – Oregon Leaf Sustainability issue cover feature and farm feature
  • Cultivation Classic 2018 award for CBD – Cannatonic
  • August 2018- Cannabiz Conference – Key Strategic Principles to a Successful Cannabiz
  • September 2018 – CBD Health and Wellness Webinar on “CBD: Bridging the Gap and Breaking Down Barriers and Stereotypes of Cannabinoids
  • NCIA Cultivation Committee