Hinaxi Patel

  • Ms. Hinaxi Patel holds a Bachelor’s in Science in Chemistry from UC Santa Barbara. She is a California State Licensed Clinical Chemist. Ms. Patel has over 12 years of extensive experience in high complexity testing areas of clinical and analytical chemistry (LCMS/MS, GCMS, HPLC, and Flow Cytometry). She develops methods, performs validation studies, and sets up high complexity platforms for clinical toxicology laboratories. Currently, Ms. Patel acts as a technical consultant developing methods for new and existing laboratories in Southern California. In her capacity she sets up, validates, runs, analyzes, and reports results for Clinical Toxicology utilizing LCMS/MS testing platforms. She follows stringent protocols set for by CLIA guidelines and other federal accrediting bodies such as CAP. At Brightside Scientific Inc, Ms. Patel will be overseeing the technical and analytical portion of testing and ensuring accuracy in the areas of Cannabinoid Potency Testing, Terpene Profiling, Pesticide Screening, Residual Solvent Testing, Heavy Metal Testing, Moisture Content/Water Activity and many other platforms. In addition to being heavily involved in the analytical phase of testing, Ms. Patel also develops and implements Quality Management Systems to meet CLIA/CAP guidelines (State/Federal Regulations). Now, she will apply ISO/IEC 17025 standardization for calibration and testing on all panels to ensure each instrument meets all compliance requirements prior to testing all forms of plants and products utilizing the plant in some form. She will be applying her Six Sigma Certified Green Belt background to create smooth platforms using 5S Lean Lab Six Sigma tools and DMAI2C processes at Brightside Scientific Inc. Ms. Patel enjoys her work passionately and continues to learn different applications of method development in toxicology, amino acid testing, neurotransmitter testing, and pharmacogenetic testing. She will be performing high complexity testing for the intricate matrices of this plant to help develop sample clean-up processes and test each sample on fast, accurate, and precise acquisition methods. She also adamantly develops laboratory improvement protocols, Quality Management Systems (QMS), Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), and writes Validation Reports. Now, she will be doing extensive development for each testing methodology used to test this plant for Cannabinoid Potency, Terpenes/Terpenoid Profiling, Pesticides Screening, Residual Solvent Testing, Heavy Metal Testing, Moisture Content/Water Activity, Soil Testing, and other analytical chemistry tests to meet industry standards of food, environmental, and agricultural science.