Guy Rocourt

“Guy is the Co-founder, and Chief Product Officer for Papa & Barkley, a cannabis wellness line with products ranging from topicals to vape oils, to tinctures. Guy Rocourt is an experienced cannabis entrepreneur and an expert grower, extractor and product development practitioner. Guy has launched multiple companies in the cannabis space and has deep subject matter expertise. Guy is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology and a Navy veteran who served as a technician and helmsman on nuclear submarines. Guy has designed and built manufactured infused products facilities (MIPs) in California, Nevada and Colorado. In addition to his technical and scientific expertise, he is also an artist with the cannabis plant, continuously envisioning and creating new products. His creativity and understanding of the market and cannabis consumers provides deep insight into strategy, production, due diligence of potential investments and product development.

Aside from his creative background and experience in product development, Guy was a long-time caregiver for Montel Williams and has also helped other patients with issues including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s Disease, cancer and epilepsy. His understanding of the lifecycle of the plant and its ability to produce rich ratios of cannabinoids and terpenes has led him to craft wellness products (such as CBD/THC tinctures) with the goal of helping those suffering from chronic pain. Through his journey, Guy has unlocked the power of the plant to help those around him.”

“Cannabis Business Summit & Expo 2017
MJ Biz Conf 2018
Well Conference
Cannabis Well Conference

Guy has extensive knowledge in extraction and growing.”