Gene Galyuk

The son of a hockey player, Gene Galyuk was born in Kyiv Ukraine and immigrated to the United States in 1992 at the age of 7. He started playing hockey at an early age and in 2003 became a world champion for his native country.

Primarily focused on indoor cultivation, Gene co-founded Herbotronics Inc in 2010,whichbuilt and operated several large cultivation facilities in Southern California under the SB 420 and prop 215. During the extract boom of 2011, Gene began researching extraction to understand the existing technologies and methodologies as well as determining the marketability and demand in the current market place.

Gene co-founded Capna Labs, in 2014. Capna Labs was launched as a fully integrated extraction, refinement, and formulation service provider that primarily focused on CO2 extraction technologies that were the most current at that time. Within a year of operation, it was determined that the CO2 systems were simply incapable of the necessary throughput required to run a successful extraction facility.

In 2015, Gene also co-founded The Bloom Brand. The Bloom Brand became oneof California’s top THC vapebrands by market share, and is now sold in NV, NM, and WA.

The Bloom Brand quickly took over the manufacturing capacity at Capna Labs. It was during the ramp up of The Bloom Brand that Gene was tasked with improving the extraction capabilities internally at Capna Labs.

Knowing about the safety restrictions of Butane extraction and the low throughput problems associated with CO2 extraction, the challenge presented before Gene was to design and develop a new, improved extraction technology that would give Capna Labs, and The Bloom Brand an upper hand over the competition, and give both brands longevity in the playing field.

In 2017, Gene Galyuk filed the first of many patents around a new and improved ethanol extraction method. Parallel, Geneco-founded Capna Systems which licensed the exclusive rights to produce extraction instruments that utilize the newly patent-pendingethanol extraction method.

In 2018, Genes ethanol extraction patent was granted by the USPTO solidifying Capna’s position as a leader in cannabis manufacturing, as well as extraction equipment manufacturing.

By 2019, Capna systems entered the global market place disrupting a multi-billion dollar industry with a safe, inexpensive and extremely effective technology. Italy, Thailand, Israel, Columbia, Canada, Switzerland and Jamaica are just some of the cannabis friendly nations where a Capna extraction System is employed.