Garry Isaacs

  • Job Title: Air Purification Expert
  • Company: Water Bond Hydrophilic Products LLC
  • Specialization: Water Bond Hydrophilic Products LLC
  • Location: Pocatello
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Favorite Quote:
“If it doesn’t pay off for my customers, it doesn’t pay off for me.”
Clean air is your best friend! Product integrity is negatively affected by mold and bacteria. Mold is transmitted from one colony to another through the air in the growing shed. Keeping plants mold free and the humidity controlled throughout the growing process provides the highest quality products and keeps customers coming back for more.
Garry Isaacs is the inventor of machines and processes called Humigation and the BondaVent ventilation system that are becoming widely popular for potato storage for the removal of mold and bacteria and preserving the integrity of the crop without the use of chemicals.

Founder of Isaacs Hydropermutation Technologies Inc and Water Bond Hydrophilic Products LLC
Consultant to South Korean Emissions Control company, Enerth Inc, providing emissions control for small and medium sized industries.

2 US patents, a Korean Patent, 1 U.S. Patent pending and two Korean patents pending for air purification and emissions control”