Erik Knutson

Erik Knutson is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Keef Brands, the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of CanCore Concepts Inc. (owner of Keef Brands Intellectual Property), and Director of SeroVita Holding Corp, a holding company that develops medical cannabis. Knutson has a decade of experience operating a wide variety of enterprises within the legal cannabis markets. He co-founded Keef Brands with his brothers Kelly Knutson and Andrew Veron in 2010 in Boulder, CO, as one of the first companies to infuse soda with cannabis. The company has since expanded and is a pioneering developer, producer, and distributor of award-winning cannabis-infused beverages, edibles, oils, and more available at over 800 retail locations across the U.S., including California, Colorado, Arizona, Michigan and Nevada, as well as in Puerto Rico and Jamaica. In addition, Knutson holds several leadership positions in the industry, serving as Co-Founder and President of the American Trade Association for Cannabis and Hemp (ATACH), founding board member of the Cannabis Trade Federation (CTF) and co-founder of the Denver Packaging Company (DPAC). Using first-hand experience in the industry, I have successfully navigated numerous challenges related to regulatory, compliance, banking, tax, and general business operations.