Eljay Cathcart

  • Job Title: Global Cultivation Manager
  • Company: Advanced Nutrients
  • Specialization: Cultivation
  • Location: West Hollywood, CA 
  • Website: www.advancednutients.com
  • Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eljay-an-fan-494009b3/
  • Biography: Eljay Cathcart has worked with cannabis in every condition imaginable. From studying hemp in freezing temperatures to traveling the world in search of new genetics, he has spent a large part of his life testing, researching and calibrating his cultivation techniques. He’s currently the Global Cultivation Manager for Advanced Nutrients, the largest cannabis nutrient company in the world. Among his achievements in his 10 years with Advanced Nutrients, Eljay spearheaded undercurrent and deepwater culture tests, in the process helping to develop the company’s most innovative product, pH Perfect. Eljay has worked in all sides of the industry — industrial black market operations to collaborations with PhD scientists — and backs up this experience with 20 years of perfecting the largest, most potent buds.