Eduardo Blanco, Esq.

  • Job Title: Special Legal Advisor to the Agricultural Labor Relations Board
  • Company: Special Legal Advisor to the Agricultural Labor Relations Board
  • Specialization: Labor Relations between cultivators, employees and unions
  • Location: California
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The Agricultural Labor Relations Board is the state agency tasked by statute to regulate cannabis cultivators in their labor relations with their employees and unions interested in organizing and representing those employees in collective bargaining. The law provides that employees have certain rights to come together and speak to the employer about working conditions they want changed or created or followed because those conditions are mandated by other state laws. Workers also have the right to support and organize their fellow workers to support a union and to have an election to vote for union representation. Whether its for protesting working conditions or supporting union(s), it is against the law for employers to retaliate against them in any fashion. Both CDAFA and BCC licensing require cultivation licensees to attest that they are an agricultural employer under our law and the relationship that the LPA creates between an employer and union(s) creates conditions that must be strictly followed which otherwise may leads to an unfair labor practice charge . If a violation is found, then, under both CDFA and BCC rules the annual license may suffer repercussions. In cooperation, with the other state labor agencies (EDD, Labor Commissioner, CAL-OSHA, CDTFA and SCIF (Workers Compensation), have formed a panel presentation to inform the industry about the requirement to be and stay in compliance with our laws.