Dino H Carter

Over 20 years of extensive experience in different facets of marketing, including PR for Levi’s, M&L for Viacom MTV, on-screen guerilla marketing for Alfa Romeo, artworks for National Geographic, and more, gives Dino H Carter a unique and comprehensive approach and in-depth understanding of the interaction between brands, consumer, and commerce.
Dino is passionate about brand experience and aligning a brand’s personality, values, and attributes with its community.
His substantial experience gives D Branding the tools to evaluate both the branding process and the implementation of the brand strategy across all company departments and its public-facing identity design, advertising, and marketing.
Dino lived, worked, and traveled in Europe, The Middle East, and the USA, which contributed to his deep understanding of consumer behavior in a global economy. He is contributing articles to MG Magazine, a guest on podcasts and speaker.
Always on the cutting edge, Dino H Carter works with companies and entrepreneurs in the Medical Cannabis industry, including branding work, packaging design, consulting and more.

In his presentation, brand expert and owner of D Branding, Dino H Carter, will educate about the difference between brand thinking and business thinking, how successful brands use the brand as a management tool, what is brand strategy and how to create one, why logo design is not branding, and what are the steps you should take for your business success.

Dino will go over everything from concepts of effective branding to process and practices for efficient marketing and sustainable growth of a cannabis product or business.