David Blume

  • Job Title: CET/CTO Blume Distillation LLC
  • Company: Blume Distillation LLC
  • Specialization: Supply-chain provisioning for extraction processing and green house production enhancement
  • Location: Supply-chain provisioning for extraction processing and green house production enhancement
  • Websitehttp://www.blumedistillation.com
  • Linkedinhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/david-blume-175327a/Main Page Detail:
Favorite Quote: Be the standard. Compliance isn’t an issue, its a brand distinguishing opportunity!
“David Blume is a globally renowned Regenerative Ag expert, Biofuels pioneer and consultant for indoor growers and processors. Blume is the author of the critically acclaimed, Amazon.com best seller book “Alcohol Can Be A Gas!”

Early in his career Blume worked on experimental Ag projects, with NASA, as well as Mother Earth News. In 1980 he founded and ran one of the first
successful Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) operations in the country producing food for 430 families and generating an average $100,000 per acre.

Blume has consulted with Governmental Energy and Ag Agencies, Farmers, Municipalities and Business Entrepreneurs around the world on stopping deforestation and using waste resources to produce clean, low-cost and local energy solutions sustainably. Blume has presented at the Monterey Cannabis Industry Association Forums, at USDA/ARS Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas conference, ACORES’s Renewable Energy for Latin America and the Caribbean, Waste Conversion Technology Conference, Energy Utility andEnvironment Conference, USDA Sugar Waste to Profits Conference and countless
renewable energy expositions.

Over the last 25 years, Blume has been featured in thousands of media interviews on National TV, and Public Radio radio programs including NPR’s Science Friday
with host Ira Flatow, Clear Channel and Cable News, and has been interviewed on The Cannabis Connection, Farm Talk Radio, Illinois Farm Bureau radio, as well as Coast-to-Coast radio with celebrated host George Noory.”

Featured in the Documentary film PUMP “the movie”, Blume is a recipient of the American Corn Growers Association “Truth in Agricultural Journalism” award