Chris Boudreau

  • Job Title:  Chair of the Board in the San Diego Cannabis Association
  • Company: Apothekare, Driven Deliveries, M Delivers / 1-800-CANNABIS, Calyx Brands
  • Specialization: Retail, Wholesale, Marketing, and Supply Chain
  • Location: California
  • Linkedin:
  • Favorite Quote:   “Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Ghandi


Chris started his first business in cannabis after a successful career in banking where he had become a senior executive as the #2 in lending by the age of 34. Chris left the banking industry during the 2008 financial crisis after recognizing the emerging market opportunity in the softening politics around marijuana.
Since entering the cannabis space, Chris has successfully developed a few ventures from concept to exit. Most notably, he created and sold one of the largest retail delivery companies in cannabis (M Delivers/1-800-CANNABIS), a licensed store in San Diego (Apothekare), the first statewide and multi-state B2B wholesale distribution company (Calyx), and has also crafted a supply chain service from concept to multi-state public company (Driven).
Mr. Boudreau is Chair of the Board for the San Diego and Orange County Cannabis Industry Alliance, and has been active serving on the Board of the California Cannabis Delivery Alliance, as Chair of the Distribution Committee for California Cannabis Industry Association, on the Policy Committee for the California Distribution Association, and as an active member of CCIA, NCIA, and the NACB.