Amy Ansel

  • Job Title: Founder and COO of Titan Hemp & Titan Bioplastics
  • Company: Titan Bioplastics
  • Specialization: Bioplastics, biomass, farming for industrial applications
  • Location: Seattle/Washington/USA
  • Website:,
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Favorite Quote:
“Make the most of the Hemp seed, sow it everywhere” – George Washington, 1794
Over 3 years ago Amy mapped her skills and experience over the industrial hemp industry, where her passion for sustainability could be quenched. Her startup, Titan Hemp, aggregates raw hemp materials, representing farmers who offer sustainable supply. Beyond offering the marketplace a sustainable supply of hemp materials, her other startup, Titan Bioplastics licenses bio formulations replacing petroleum based plastics. The Titan program pillars support the UN and Fortune 500 initiatives in sustainability. Amy enjoys spending time with her husband, 3 kids and 4 pets. Her small circus resides on the east side of king county.
TEDx Speaker Nov 17, 2018 sharing my big ideas on hemp innovations.