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Job Title: Global Cultivation Manager Company: Advanced Nutrients Specialization: Cultivation Location: West Hollywood, CA  Website: Linkedin: Biography: Eljay Cathcart has worked with cannabis in every condition imaginable. From studying hemp in freezing temperatures to traveling the world in search of new genetics, he has spent a large part of his life testing, researching and calibrating his cultivation techniques. He’s currently

Job Title: Founder/Managing Partner Company: CALIGROW, LLC & McAbee Ag Consulting, Inc. Specialization:  Pest Control Adviser/Certified Crop Adviser/Agronomist Location: USA Biography: CALIGROW, LLC is a fertilizer, pesticide and general grow supply company. Collectively we have over a decade of Pest Control and Agronomic experience in large scale agriculture as well as with the cannabis and

Company: Gold Flora Job Title: Director of Cultivation Biography: Dave Stormzand is Gold Flora’s Director of Cultivation. He has worked in the cannabis industry for ten years in four different states (Michigan, Colorado, Oregon and California). Dave has fine-tuned and advanced his craft of growing high-quality cannabis on a commercial scale. He is particularly passionate about automation,

Job Title:  Cultivation Consultant Company: Hidden Valley Specialization: Soil Food Web Location:  Oceanside CA Linkedin:

Job Title: Payroll Specialists Company: EDD Specialization: State Payroll Taxes Biography: Roland Barolli is a payroll tax specialist with the Employment Development Department, Tax Branch, Field Audit and Compliance Division. The Department is responsible for California programs involving unemployment insurance, disability insurance, payroll tax collection, and job training/workforce services. The Branch administers the collection, accounting, and auditing functions of

Job Title: CTO Company: Capna Systems Specialization:  Ethanol Extraction Systems Location: Sylmar, CA Website: Linkedin: Biography: The son of a hockey player, Gene Galyuk was born in Kyiv Ukraine and immigrated to the United States in 1992 at the age of 7. He started playing hockey at an early age and in 2003 became a world champion for his

Job Title: Co-owner Banannrman Farms/COO Company: Banannrman Farms Specialization: Cannabis cultivation, distribution, retail/delivery service. Location: San Diego Website: Being rebuilt Linkedin: Biography: Chris is a second generation grower from Amsterdam going on 20 years in the cannabis industry. Chris has been in charge of sales teams that exceeds over 500 sales reps at a time. Chris has pioneered new

Job Title: CEO – maxiaNET (international distribution and brand development for CPG) CEO – CSD16 (investment fund – cannabis tech and services) Company: maxiaNET, CSD16 Specialization: Strategy, Governance, Partnerships Location: Based in San Diego base, but do work in all Latin America countries Website: Linkedin: Main Page Detail: Favorite Quote: “Thou mayest” Biography:

Job Title: Lab Director Company: The Niva Labs Specialization: Contract research and compliance testing for the cannabis and hemp Industries Location: Los Angeles, CA Website: LinkedIn: Favorite Quote: “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” – Alan Watts Biography: Kris Marsh earned a Ph.D. in Materials

Job Title: Managing Partner Company: AGHORx Specialization: Engineering Location: Grover Beach/California/USA Website: Linkedin: Biography: Biography: AgH20Rx is a professional Agricultural Engineering Company Located on the Central Coast of California. James Anshutz, Managing Partner, is a Registered Professional Agricultural Engineer #452 in the State of California. He has over 40 years of experience in the Irrigation